Shoyu Ramen $10

Shoyu ramen

Classic Style. Chashu pork, egg, fishcake, spinach and nori served in our chicken and pork broth w a Shoyu base.

Miso Ramen $10


Our house miso broth infused with homemade garlic butter served with chashu pork, egg, seasoned moyashi and corn.

Tonkotsu Ramen $10

tonkotsu ramen

Modern Style. A rich, smoky, pork bone marrow broth served with menma chashu pork, egg and nori.

Shio Ramen $10


Hawaiian salt blended into a light chicken and fish broth topped with pork, sprouts, spinach and egg.

Omori Bowl $18

Omori shoyu ramen

You hungry? Twice the size of our regular ramen.

Shaka Bowl $8.5


Our house ramen made with pork belly infused in a thick savory broth served up with cold rinsed “dipping” noodles.

Veggie Curry Rice $8

Shiitake, Bamboo shoots, and spinach with brown rice and curry. Small bowl for $5

Karaage Curry Rice $9

karaage chashuu curry

Donburi  (Rice Bowl) – ginger, fried chicken with a brown rice blend and curry. Small bowl for $6